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Few Ideas On Cheap Accommodation Surfers Paradise

Finding the right kind of cheap accommodation Surfers Paradise can make a huge difference to your vacation in Australia. The type of vacation you are embarking on will also determine the type of accommodation. In any case, before you decide to choose any hotel in Australia you should consider the pros and cons of serviced apartments in Surfers Paradise versus a hotel.

A serviced apartment is something between a hotel and house. This means that you have the advantages of both the hotels and the comforts of the house in just a single place. Furnished apartments in Surfers Paradise are a self catering type of accommodation where you are able to manage and do everything on your own. You will be able to cook in the well equipped kitchen, save money on dining and eating out.

Depending on the size and the price, you may also find additional facilities, such as daily maid service, laundry and ironing services and linen change.

First of all, the furnished apartments in Surfers Paradise have separate work spaces, separate kitchen, a dining and lounge area, and furnishing which helps create a homey atmosphere and environment. The serviced apartments come with a number of facilities and amenities that ensure comfort and luxury at the same time.

Some services, such as free internet, laundry, dry cleaning and ironing services ensure that you will feel pampered at all times, while preserving your privacy.

So there are no disadvantages about serviced apartments in Surfers Paradise? It depends on how you see it; if you want to live in a relatively sterile environment and dine out every night, without having to cook or taking care of yourself as you do at home, the Short term accommodation Surfers Paradise in an apartment is not for you.

Apartments in Surfers Paradise are located in convenient locations in the city, giving you the chance to reach all areas of the city easily, while enjoying a homely stay compared to a normal hotel.

When renting a Short term accommodation Surfers Paradise apartment you need to sign the lease agreement for the amount of time you want. In some cases you might be asked to transfer part of the rent amount for the period you will be staying in a bank account, or pay by your credit card, although there are many flexible payment options.

Even if you are visiting Surfers Paradise on a corporate trip, you should definitely require a place that will be both cosy and comfortable, providing you with all the necessary amenities.

If thinking of a vacation trip that will make a difference, you need to forget about early bookings and travel agencies, looking for hotels and choosing among pricey accommodation options. Vacation consumers have the chance to book any type of accommodation they want in Australia whether they travel on a budget or not. Booking accommodation in Surfers Paradise feasible for your days of relaxation in this amazing resort can be very easy and very affordable.

Looking for really cheap accommodation Surfers Paradise? We’ve got the inside scoop now in our super accommodation surfers paradise australia overview.

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Surf Fishing Rods Make Surf Fishing Easier

If you are a fisherman and love the idea of standing in the surf, smelling the fresh open air, but have not yet cast your own fishing line out into the surf. You might just be missing out on some fun. If you are concerned that most beaches have too many people scaring off the fish, you can always do some research and find out that there are some beaches that have a little more privacy than a lot of the larger more public beach. You will also discover from others that surf fish, that a lot of them prefer to use surf fishing rods.

Once you have gotten done with your research on the best spots and best equipment, you are going to want to get yourself some new fishing tackle and gear. One of the first things you will notice is that surf fishing rods appear to be bigger and somewhat longer.

When browsing for other surf fishing gear it will become obvious that all equipment that pertains to surf fishing seems to be bigger, even the reels are bigger. In fact all of the gear is a lot larger than what you are probably use to using when you go fishing out on a boat.

The average length of surf fishing rods are somewhat longer than the rods you would normally use from a boat. The reason for this is so that you will be able to cast out over the waves and their breaking points.

There are times when you can probably use your regular rod when surf fishing. This would be when the surf is very calm or if you find a beach that is known to have calm waves. You should be able to be successful with regular fishing gear under these conditions.

When you are looking for surf tackle you will notice that they are kind of stout as compared to other tackle. This is because they need to be this way so they can make it easier for you to find holes or pockets where fish might be hiding out.

Surf fishing offers people both the combination of the peace the ocean can bring and the thrill of participating in a sport that you love.

Find the right prices on surf fishing rods by shopping online. Go to for those deals. Head online now and buy your surf fishing rods .
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The Ultimate Surfing Destination: Canary Islands

Its vacation time and you are still not sure about the destination, looking for surfing, beaches, fun & frolic but still have not figured out where to go. Well, Canary Islands are the perfect destination for your holiday salvation. They are fun, beautiful, and full of beaches & colors, they are a perfect destination for a surf tour. Located off the northwest coast of Africa. They are an autonomous community of Spain located in the outermost region of the European Union. They are formed by a group of small islands; the most famous being Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

The canaries provide an ideal option as a surfing and sunny getaway, this is made possible by the presence of more than a 100 rocky points where learners as well as professional surfers can enjoy waves for all year long. Surfing Canary Islands essentially implies surfing in one of its four great islands; these include Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and the Gran Canaria. The peak season is from September to April, which is also the best time to visit the islands for those who wish to ride soft regular ocean swells, making the islands a favoriteas people often welcome a change of sunnier climate and warm ocean waves. However, the best time for an experienced surfer is from November to February, wherein he can experience swells reaching up to 8 feet. It is in Lanzarote Island that professional surfers find their favourite El Quemao, a world-class wave which only experienced surfers can face; the height of the wave can soar up to 16 feet which is indeed dangerous for a learner. Other world class waves include the Bubble of the Fuerteventura Island, which swells from the north or north-east and can rise up to 6 feet in height. This is also a loved spot by the locals and thus if often found bustling with crowd especially the local one. Other famous include the Los Lobos, Hierro and Playa de Cotillo of the Fuerteventura Island, the Spanish Left, Billboards and La Fitenia of the Tenerife Island and Morro Negro of the Lanzarote Island.

Check out the great surf tours

Canary Islands also boast of a large number of surf schools who provide with surf camps and various surf tours and programs for beginners and advanced surfers. The most famous ones include surf camp of Las Palmas, Billabong surf camp & school, Easy drop surf camp & Otro Modo surf camp of Fuerteventura Island. These surf camps provide you with options such as joining a summer surf camp or an all-girls or all-guys surf camp. They provide training based on your skill level and are indeed a great way to learn surfing. Apart from surf schools, surfing Canary Island also have a large number of surf resorts wherein a complete surf vacation package is provided by the resort. Expertise needed about surfing skills, surfing spots and locations, ocean swells and where to expect them based on detailed study of currents and temperature are done by such resorts only for your sake. Thus, even those with hardly any knowledge about the field get a taste of this wonderful sport.So; head out to this wonderful surf tour today.

The Perfect Wave is an TourS & TravelS Company and it’s offering Surfing Europe in Europe. If you are planing for surf tour, Please visit: Surf Canary Islands

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Laird Hamilton: Legendary Big Wave Surfer

Most people choose to avoid placing themselves directly in the path of a 70-foot wall of water barreling forward at breakneck speeds – not Laird Hamilton. He’s spent his life courting monstrous waves to ride. Regarded by surfing historians as the “all time best of the best,” big wave surfers, Hamilton’s death-taunting feats have garnered him worldwide acclaim, a preeminent spot in surfing history, roles in film and television, and the obvious trappings of success; yet, it’s his unquenchable thirst for what comes next that drives this extreme athlete to continue to push the limits.

At 48, Hamilton is no longer youthful, but his 6-foot-3-inch frame, enveloped by solid muscle, is still build for a beating, which is often heartily handed to him in the form of an unforgiving break. While men his age tend to tone down risky behavior, Hamilton sees risk at life’s core. “Living is a dangerous game. Car wrecks, heart disease, and all these other little things that are silent, less obvious killers are taking people’s lives every minute,” he says. “This (big wave riding) is an obvious threat, but when you have such an obvious threat, it’s easier to prepare for it.”

Making Waves

A lifetime of experience serves as the preparation keystone to Hamilton’s ability to effectively handle fear while tackling 30-plus-foot swells without perishing. Raised in Hawaii, he was among one of the only fair-skinned, blonde kids in his predominantly Hawaiian neighborhood, which led to abuse and bullying by his peers. The ocean offered a form of solace, escape, and identity.

By the time he reached 5, Hamilton knew the ocean held his future. At 6, he was riding his first custom surfboard and honing the skills and techniques that would serve as the foundation to his surfing prowess. “My mom was from Southern California and she was a surfer; we were around the surf culture. Everyone I looked up to were ocean people,” explains Hamilton. “I lived on the north shore of Oahu where these guys were riding big waves.” One notable surfer, in particular, Bill Hamilton, became more than just a role model after he wed Hamilton’s then-single mother. The union further solidified Hamilton’s connection to the ocean. “I wanted to be like the men in the ocean,” he explains.

“Surfing is the Hawaiian sport of the kings. For me, it was a form of acceptance, an equality, in the ocean that I gravitated towards.” On the ocean, says Hamilton, “you didn’t need to like me, but you needed to respect me.”

By his late teens, Hamilton’s surfing bravado was demanding not only respect, but also a lot of attention, and not just for his skills on the water. His good looks landed him a modeling contract and, along with his boarding skills, a role in the 1987 movie Northshore, but it was the ocean’s allure that beckoned Hamilton more than anything. Proving he was the best surfer wasn’t even the goal.

Pushing the Limits

Hamilton’s sights have always been on taking surfing to previously unimagined levels. “At a certain point, as waves grow in size, they increase in speed, and eventually they become physically impossible to ride without some sort of mechanized instrument because we’re not able to generate the horsepower to catch them,” he says. It was this area where Hamilton’s made his most significant contributions. He pioneered the use of personal water craft for tow-in surfing, which allows surfers to catch previously off limits, monstrous sized waves.

Since the 90s, tow-in surfing has given Hamilton the means to ride, and, more importantly, survive, 70-foot waves, including one at Tahiti’s Teahupo’o break that firmly established him in the annals of surfing lore. There, on August 17, 2000, Hamilton is credited with surfing one of the “heaviest,” most technically difficult waves ever. Videographers’ cameras were trained on him as he tackled the towering wall of water in a spot where serious injuries and even deaths are not uncommon due to the spot’s particularly hazardous shallow-water reef. A photograph of Hamilton riding that wave landed him on the cover of Surfer magazine, with the caption: “oh my god…”

Hamilton’s not ready to say he’s surfed the biggest wave possible, but he does think there’s a limit. “When you get waves of over 100 feet high, that’s the point when we start to become ants in a water hose.” Although, he’s quick to note that there are unique opportunities that arrive due to certain kinds of conditions and locations that could allow for a ride along the limit and possibly beyond.

Then again, it’s not always about the size. “Waves are like dogs, where there are little ferocious ones and there are big, giant gentle ones,” he says. “Big waves are relative to the person. I’m always in envy by the beginner when I see them riding a little wave; it’s little for us, but it’s big for them.” He also points out that age is not a factor in learning to surf. “I taught my one friend how to surf when he was 65 and he’s up there stand-up paddling and riding waves every day.”

Besides tow-in surfing, Hamilton has helped popularize kitesurfing and experimented with foilboards, surfboards that incorporate hydrofoil technology. He’s also become a proponent of stand-up paddle surfing and currently he’s working on his next challenge with the Puma Ocean Racing design team to develop a craft that allows the user to surf underwater. Indeed, he’s constantly testing the limits whether it’s on a wave, riding motocross, snowboarding, or appearing in movies as a stunt double for Pierce Brosnan in a James Bond movie or in The Descendants with George Clooney. He’s also written a guide to peak living, Force of Nature, and was recently featured in Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) production of Oprah Presents Master Class, which offers a look into the minds of modern masters making a unique impact on the world and the lessons they’ve learned.

Dangerous Waters

Of course, what he does may look easy to bystanders, but the danger is real and ever present. “I used to get rescued once a week or every few days when I was a young kid. I’d get washed out to sea and the lifeguards would come out and rescue me. I’ve had some scarier things happen, like being lost at sea and I’ve been held down under water for a long time where I thought I’d never get back up. There’re too many of those to count,” explains Hamilton.

To ride huge waves and walk away in one piece at the end of the day requires a herculean level of fitness. “My health is my lifestyle; it’s just the way I live. I don’t consciously say, ‘ok, I’ve got to say in shape.’ Part of the reason why I’m in shape is because of the things I do,” says Hamilton.

Model Life

Having a wife and daughters helps keep him going, too. He’s been married for 15 years to volleyball superstar and model Gabrielle Reece. The couple, who’ve both been honored as beauties (Reece was named by Elle magazine as one of the Five Most Beautiful Women in the World in 1989, while Hamilton was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People magazine in 1996), split their time between residences in Malibu, California, and Maui, Hawaii. The duo keeps their relationship strong by excelling in their separate careers. “I can’t do what she does and she doesn’t try to do what I do,” he explains. “For most men it would be challenging to be with an accomplished woman…a lot of guys are too insecure to deal with a woman who doesn’t need them. I’m good with that.”

End of the Ride

For a guy who’s continually pushing the limits, yet quickly approaching an age that rivals the size of the mighty waves he surfs, does Hamilton foresee retiring his board for a safer, more sedate lifestyle? Don’t count on it. A new goal pops up on his bucket list continually. “The best goals are ones that keep modifying, adapting, and evolving,” he says. “Those are real goals that keep moving so you don’t achieve them and say, ‘now what?”

Sondra Barr is the feature writer for Living Well Magazine. Our mission is to help thriving adults navigate life. Be inspired. Please visit us at
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Surfing Boards – How to Buy a New Surfboard

Surfboards sure can take a beating, yet eventually they have to be replaced. They can lose some of their buoyancy after a while especially if there are enough nicks in them. It can be unsafe to use an old surfing board because you may not realize that it is not stable until you fall off or hurt yourself while surfing. A new surfboard will provide you with a stable surface to stand on and you will be certain that it will properly stay afloat. It may difficult to control an old surfboard that has been used a lot because it may have too many scratches and holes.

Surfing boards have foam in the middle that is covered by either epoxy or fiberglass. The fiberglass or epoxy is then sealed. Fiberglass surfing boards are the most common boards, but epoxy boards are growing in popularity because they are lighter and faster. After you determine which material you want when you are going to buy surfboards, you then decide what size and shape of board you want. The most common board is the longboard surf board because it provides the maximum amount of support for surfers and can be ridden even in small waves. You can look for a local surfing boards shop to find a variety of longboards.

If you already have a surfboard that is long, you may want to consider transitioning from a longboard to a retro fish longboard or a shortboard. If you have been surfing for a while and have been mentored by a professional surfer, you will want to discuss the possibility of using a retro fish longboard or a shortboard. These types of boards will help you surf faster and do cuts and turns in the waves. You should be aware that short boards will require you to be able to adjust your body quickly so you can continue to ride them.

San Diego is a popular place for surfers to congregate because of the sunny weather and moderate climate. You will need to wear a wetsuit because the ocean water is quite cold. If you are in the market for a new surfboard, you will find a plethora of places in San Diego to buy surfboards. If you are not sure about what kind of wetsuit you should buy, you will want to ask a professional to help you. The best place to shop for surf gear is an online surf shop because you will have so many choices.

Matthew Roda is freelance writer, a beginner surfer, and a supporter of the San Diego surfing company At Degree33, you ride & LOVE their surfboards or they’ll buy them back. Their Website offers surfboards sales that are out of this world – for beginner to advanced surfers. They offer surfing longboards, shortboards and so much more!

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Santa Catalinas Pacific Surfing. Surfers Paradise Found in Powerful Right Reef Breaks

Santa Catalina is located on the Chiriqui Gulf in the state of Veraguas. In 1970s this little fishing village was discovered by adventurous surfers from all over the world.

The world class surfing in Santa Catalina was the best kept secret by the surfers for quite a long time!

Now Santa Catalina is well-known by professional and hard-core wave-seeking surfers. Early morning surfers take advantage of the tides during Dawn Patrol and study the winds and the waters while paddling out towards their swelling ride.

Panamanian locals have recognized the strong calling of Santa Catalinas consistent waves to international surfers and have jumped at opportunities to please the increasing numbers of surfing tourists. Small businesses in the relaxed tropical town offer surfing lessons, surfing shops, surfing charters and expeditions, and of course, surfing resorts. Surfers and Surfboards are catered to everywhere.

Although the beach of Santa Catalina, Playa Santa Catalina and its surrounding islands are the most attractive to professional and advanced surfers. Beginning surfers can find their ocean turf at the Playa Estero, where the waves are much more relaxed.

Relaxation is what Santa Catalina is all about. The temperature is warm all year round. Surfers in Santa Catalina are generally not distracted by beaches full of tourists, and wont have to share their waves, especially during the rainy season.

The rainy season in Panama is between May and November. Just before the season starts The Pacific Coast swells and waves begin picking up strength and energy.

Waves in Santa Catalina have been known to be anywhere from 4 feet to 25 five feet, and the surfing waves have been described as consistent easy-to-line-up, rock-bottom point break.
Rocky reefs and ocean floors laden with corals and volcanic rocks can make surfing in many areas dangerous, but the swells of the Pacific plunging into the rocky reefs are what makes the challenging hallows and giant barreling waves that hard-core surfers live for.

Santa Catalinas waves and reefs are considered as world class. While the science of surfing is developing in other nations while they plan for artificial world-class reefs to appeal to surfers, Panamas Santa Catalina already has them place, along with the surfing world leaders of Australia and Hawaii.

Santa Catalinas powerful rights and lefts, reef breaks and warm waters filled with challenging hallows and barrels, all roll in and out of Santa Catalinas Pacific Coast. The relaxed Santa Catalina locals are at tune to the needs of the surfers. Surfing supplies, surfing products and surfing charters are easy to find.

This is the paradise for hard core surfers. Catch the wave at Santa Catalina and be prepared for some world-class fun!

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A Quiet and Relaxing Beach in Hong Kong – Big Wave Bay

Hong Kong is a state which is popular throughout the world for its rich heritage and vibrant culture. The enchanting blend of Buddhist and Chinese culture in Hong Kong has been the object of fascination for many of the tourists who visit this oriental destination. The state is also steadily gaining popularity for its natural beauty, especially its pristine beaches.

The city-state is gaining a reputation for having beautiful and relaxing beaches, and although they may not compare to the beaches of nations such as the Maldives or Sri Lanka, the beaches of Hong Kong are nevertheless an attraction worth witnessing. One of the more quiet and relaxing beaches here is the Big Wave Bay, a white sandy pristine beach which is an excellent place for the whole family.

Quite contrary to its name, the Big Wave Bay beach is a calm and soothing place which is in pristine condition and stretches on for roughly 2000 meters. Overlooking a scenic mountain range with lush rolling hills, this beach is popular amongst tourists who come to absorb the sun, and owing to the clean and clear waters, engage in water activities such as surfing. The untarnished white beaches are excellent for having some fun with your friends and family under the bright oriental sun. The beach also has several cafes, changing rooms, lifeguard services and even a BBG area which further enhances the potential fun that can be had at this beach. The mountain range overlooking Big Wave Way is also popular amongst hikers as it has many hiking trails such as the Dragon’s Back hiking trail, and also contains a prehistoric rock carving which has been named a Declared Monument of Hong Kong. Therefore, for a fun filled experience in one of the locality’s most serene and pristine beaches, head on down to the Big Wave Bay.

One of the best value luxury 4 star hotels in Hong Kong is the Eaton Hotel Hong Kong. Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s business and commercial areas, this luxury hotel offers a variety of accommodation ranging from elegant Superior Rooms to stylish Wedding Suites. This hotel Hong Kong also provides an assortment of luxury facilities which is only complemented by the excellent hospitality and service offered by this hotel.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

Resources – hotels in Hong Kong , hotel Hong Kong

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