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The Ultimate Surfing Destination: Canary Islands

Its vacation time and you are still not sure about the destination, looking for surfing, beaches, fun & frolic but still have not figured out where to go. Well, Canary Islands are the perfect destination for your holiday salvation. They are fun, beautiful, and full of beaches & colors, they are a perfect destination for a surf tour. Located off the northwest coast of Africa. They are an autonomous community of Spain located in the outermost region of the European Union. They are formed by a group of small islands; the most famous being Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

The canaries provide an ideal option as a surfing and sunny getaway, this is made possible by the presence of more than a 100 rocky points where learners as well as professional surfers can enjoy waves for all year long. Surfing Canary Islands essentially implies surfing in one of its four great islands; these include Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and the Gran Canaria. The peak season is from September to April, which is also the best time to visit the islands for those who wish to ride soft regular ocean swells, making the islands a favoriteas people often welcome a change of sunnier climate and warm ocean waves. However, the best time for an experienced surfer is from November to February, wherein he can experience swells reaching up to 8 feet. It is in Lanzarote Island that professional surfers find their favourite El Quemao, a world-class wave which only experienced surfers can face; the height of the wave can soar up to 16 feet which is indeed dangerous for a learner. Other world class waves include the Bubble of the Fuerteventura Island, which swells from the north or north-east and can rise up to 6 feet in height. This is also a loved spot by the locals and thus if often found bustling with crowd especially the local one. Other famous include the Los Lobos, Hierro and Playa de Cotillo of the Fuerteventura Island, the Spanish Left, Billboards and La Fitenia of the Tenerife Island and Morro Negro of the Lanzarote Island.

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Canary Islands also boast of a large number of surf schools who provide with surf camps and various surf tours and programs for beginners and advanced surfers. The most famous ones include surf camp of Las Palmas, Billabong surf camp & school, Easy drop surf camp & Otro Modo surf camp of Fuerteventura Island. These surf camps provide you with options such as joining a summer surf camp or an all-girls or all-guys surf camp. They provide training based on your skill level and are indeed a great way to learn surfing. Apart from surf schools, surfing Canary Island also have a large number of surf resorts wherein a complete surf vacation package is provided by the resort. Expertise needed about surfing skills, surfing spots and locations, ocean swells and where to expect them based on detailed study of currents and temperature are done by such resorts only for your sake. Thus, even those with hardly any knowledge about the field get a taste of this wonderful sport.So; head out to this wonderful surf tour today.

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Surfing Boards – How to Buy a New Surfboard

Surfboards sure can take a beating, yet eventually they have to be replaced. They can lose some of their buoyancy after a while especially if there are enough nicks in them. It can be unsafe to use an old surfing board because you may not realize that it is not stable until you fall off or hurt yourself while surfing. A new surfboard will provide you with a stable surface to stand on and you will be certain that it will properly stay afloat. It may difficult to control an old surfboard that has been used a lot because it may have too many scratches and holes.

Surfing boards have foam in the middle that is covered by either epoxy or fiberglass. The fiberglass or epoxy is then sealed. Fiberglass surfing boards are the most common boards, but epoxy boards are growing in popularity because they are lighter and faster. After you determine which material you want when you are going to buy surfboards, you then decide what size and shape of board you want. The most common board is the longboard surf board because it provides the maximum amount of support for surfers and can be ridden even in small waves. You can look for a local surfing boards shop to find a variety of longboards.

If you already have a surfboard that is long, you may want to consider transitioning from a longboard to a retro fish longboard or a shortboard. If you have been surfing for a while and have been mentored by a professional surfer, you will want to discuss the possibility of using a retro fish longboard or a shortboard. These types of boards will help you surf faster and do cuts and turns in the waves. You should be aware that short boards will require you to be able to adjust your body quickly so you can continue to ride them.

San Diego is a popular place for surfers to congregate because of the sunny weather and moderate climate. You will need to wear a wetsuit because the ocean water is quite cold. If you are in the market for a new surfboard, you will find a plethora of places in San Diego to buy surfboards. If you are not sure about what kind of wetsuit you should buy, you will want to ask a professional to help you. The best place to shop for surf gear is an online surf shop because you will have so many choices.

Matthew Roda is freelance writer, a beginner surfer, and a supporter of the San Diego surfing company At Degree33, you ride & LOVE their surfboards or they’ll buy them back. Their Website offers surfboards sales that are out of this world – for beginner to advanced surfers. They offer surfing longboards, shortboards and so much more!

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Santa Catalinas Pacific Surfing. Surfers Paradise Found in Powerful Right Reef Breaks

Santa Catalina is located on the Chiriqui Gulf in the state of Veraguas. In 1970s this little fishing village was discovered by adventurous surfers from all over the world.

The world class surfing in Santa Catalina was the best kept secret by the surfers for quite a long time!

Now Santa Catalina is well-known by professional and hard-core wave-seeking surfers. Early morning surfers take advantage of the tides during Dawn Patrol and study the winds and the waters while paddling out towards their swelling ride.

Panamanian locals have recognized the strong calling of Santa Catalinas consistent waves to international surfers and have jumped at opportunities to please the increasing numbers of surfing tourists. Small businesses in the relaxed tropical town offer surfing lessons, surfing shops, surfing charters and expeditions, and of course, surfing resorts. Surfers and Surfboards are catered to everywhere.

Although the beach of Santa Catalina, Playa Santa Catalina and its surrounding islands are the most attractive to professional and advanced surfers. Beginning surfers can find their ocean turf at the Playa Estero, where the waves are much more relaxed.

Relaxation is what Santa Catalina is all about. The temperature is warm all year round. Surfers in Santa Catalina are generally not distracted by beaches full of tourists, and wont have to share their waves, especially during the rainy season.

The rainy season in Panama is between May and November. Just before the season starts The Pacific Coast swells and waves begin picking up strength and energy.

Waves in Santa Catalina have been known to be anywhere from 4 feet to 25 five feet, and the surfing waves have been described as consistent easy-to-line-up, rock-bottom point break.
Rocky reefs and ocean floors laden with corals and volcanic rocks can make surfing in many areas dangerous, but the swells of the Pacific plunging into the rocky reefs are what makes the challenging hallows and giant barreling waves that hard-core surfers live for.

Santa Catalinas waves and reefs are considered as world class. While the science of surfing is developing in other nations while they plan for artificial world-class reefs to appeal to surfers, Panamas Santa Catalina already has them place, along with the surfing world leaders of Australia and Hawaii.

Santa Catalinas powerful rights and lefts, reef breaks and warm waters filled with challenging hallows and barrels, all roll in and out of Santa Catalinas Pacific Coast. The relaxed Santa Catalina locals are at tune to the needs of the surfers. Surfing supplies, surfing products and surfing charters are easy to find.

This is the paradise for hard core surfers. Catch the wave at Santa Catalina and be prepared for some world-class fun!

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Who was the Queen of Surfing? Rell Sunn

Rell Sunn is one of the first and the most celebrated female pro surfers in the world. Sunn is known to have defied the macho-image of surfing during her time. She surfed her way through the gender barriers of the surfing world, riding the waves with her fellow male surfing contemporaries and even beating them in their own game.

Sunn is the epitome of the real aloha spirit. Perhaps it was fate itself that brought her to the sea as her middle name Kapolioka`ehukai means “Heart of the Sea”. Her grace in the water makes her deserving with the title, “Queen of Surfing”.

Early Life

Rell Sunn was born in July 31, 1950 in Makaha, Oahu, Hawaii being fourth among 5 children. She has a unique lineage, Hawaiian-Irish from her mother Roan and Irish from her father Elbert.

Because her home was close to the sea, she began surfing at an early age of 4 in 1954. What inspired her more to her interest in surfing is when she was able to get a taste of international surfing competition in the mid-1950s when surfers from all over the world gathered in Makaha.

Career and Achievements

At the age of 14 in 1964, she joined her first ever surfing competition. Because there was no category for women yet, she competed alongside with the boys and beat them all the way to the top. She continued to compete in the men’s category until a women’s category was set up later on.

In 1976, she founded the Menehune (“little people”) Surfing Championships. Now, it is the biggest surfing competition for junior-levels in the world.

Sunn struggled as a young woman surfer amidst the male-dominated sport. That is why in 1979, she co-founded the Women’s Professional Surfing Association along with other women surfing champs to give women a voice in the surfing professional community. It was triggered by a South African surfing competition incident, where she and her surfing buddies spent almost $ 2,000 to get there but only to find out that the prize for the women’s was only $ 300 compared to the higher stakes in the men’s division.

Sunn was a child of the ocean and an all water-woman. In her hometown Makaha, she learned to expertly swim, dive and canoe. Her talent in the water made her the first female lifeguard of Hawaii in 1977. Because she was a woman, at times, she would be ridiculed by the men whom she saves.

In 1982 when finally, an international professional surfing rating for women was established Sunn topped the International Surfing Association rating for women surfers.

Battle with Breast Cancer

In the same year while she was in California, during a pro tour, she noticed a lump in her breast. In 1983, a year after ranking No. 1 worldwide, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and the prognosis was only for a year. At that time, Sunn was only 32 years old and at the peak of her career.

Sunn spent the next 14 years of her life battling cancer into remission for three times. She also endured a number of operations including a bone marrow transplant. What appalled her the most when she had to undergo a mastectomy. She commented sadly that that she could never wear a swimsuit anymore, which according to her is Hawaii’s ordinary everyday wear.

Cancer didn’t stop her spirit as she engaged in different activities other than surfing like becoming a surf reporter, radio DJ, a physical therapist at a Wai’anae care home and a counselor at the Wai’anae Cancer Research Center, spreading awareness on breast cancer.

Death and Internment

On 1998, New Year’s Day, her family and friends brought her to the shores in Makaha to take her last look at the sea, her second home. She believed in the Hawaiian idea of Auma Kua, that anyone who has died passing water shall form part of the ocean. The day after, January 2, 1998, Sunn passed away at the age of 37, leaving her only daughter, Jan.

At the memorial service, thousand of people flocked the beach. Her friends brought water and sand from all over the world and scattered them together with her ashes into the water, where people will always find her. A hundred surfers after the service took their boards and surfed the waves as a tribute to Sunn.

Awards and Tributes

Sunn is most famous for being the first surfer to rank no. 1 in the international women surfing category in the world. In August 1996, Sunn was one of the five women inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach, California. She was honored with a granite stone for her contributions and achievements in surfing and placed along with the likes of Duke Kahanamoku.

In the same year, she also received the Waterman Achievement Award from the Surf Industry Manufacturer’s Association. An award-giving body called the Rell Sunn-Queen of Makaha award was also named after her, which is given to an individual annually for efforts in fighting cancer.

The life of Rell Sunn was also subject of several publications including the 2001 book written by Andrea Gabbard titled “Girl in the Curl: A Century of Women Surfing.” In 2002, film makers Charlotte Lagarde and Lisa Denker released the award-winning documentary film about Sunn’s life, “Heart of the Sea.”

Today, every time a woman surfs – Auma Kua – she rides the waves with Sunn, whose spirit will forever remain in the sea. To surfers all over the world, Rell Sunn may be just another surfing superstar. But in Hawaii, where she breathed her first and last, she will always remain a blue blood – a queen, the Queen of Surfing.

Me-Shell Mijangos ( a surfer who first began surfing at the age of 30. She is the founder of an all inclusive women’s surf camp called SwellWomen. Two years ago, she started SwellCo-ed, a Surf and Yoga Experience for women, men and couples. She hopes to surf with you in paradise soon! Visit her SwellBlog!

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Cerritos: Your Surfing Spot in Cabo

The waters of Cabo San Lucas indeed have a lot to offer when it comes to surfing. The beaches and the waves from the Pacific Ocean have indeed made Cabo a surfing destination as well.


Cerritos, or Santa Lucia de Los Cerritos, is a place of natural beauty and it provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere for visitors.

Cerritos is known as a great surfing site with a beach break. The place can be reached forty-five minutes from Cabo San Lucas. Driving towards Cerritos is said to be an amazing experience as you will see the desert on the other side of the road and you will have an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean on the other.

The waves in Cerritos are ideal for experienced surfers and beginners alike. If you haven’t tried the sport, you may find the waters inviting and want to learn surfing. Local surfing instructors are also available for hire in Cabo, so learning could be fun and easy.

A lot of people are camping in this place particularly because of the slow pace of life they can experience while staying in such a lovely beach. People love to camp during the evening because it’s cool and safe, but bonfire is highly recommended at night in order to keep you warm.

Reaching Cerritos may be difficult without a local guide. The roads leading to the place do not have signs and landmarks so it is suggested that you should take a guide to avoid spoiling your surfing adventure even before reaching the beach.

Surf School

If you are one of those who are not into surfing, or haven’t tried the sport once, but you find the waters in Cabo inviting, you can hire professional surfing instructors to teach you. This will make learning easy and safe.

Surfing schools like the Mike Doyle Surf School in Cabo provide surfing courses from 8 to 80 years old. So if you want to learn fast and guided by a professional surfing instructor, you can actually enroll or get lessons from the experienced and the professionals.

About the Author: This article was written by Paul Garnett on behalf of Villa Pelicano, a Cabo San Lucas Villa. If you will be visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico sometime soon, be sure to check out this beautiful Cabo Rental Home. For rates and more information, please visit
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Try Taking Surfing Lessons Before Going for a Surf Tour

Vacation is incomplete for some without beaches. It is true, the energy around the beaches is awesome and no matter what your state of mind is, you will feel relaxed near the sea. If you are in love with the waves and adventurous by nature, surf trips would be best for you. Imagine yourself simply grabbing your surf board and playing with the waves of the ocean every day. But wait a minute. Do you know how to surf well? There is no denying, liking something is one thing and being good at it is another. But it doesn’t matter because if you want to improve, help is available to you.

When it comes to adventure sports, especially water sports, surfing is the most popular one. More people plan a surf tour today than a few years ago. Surfing has definitely gained popularity and is on the rise. Of course, it is lot of fun to enjoy surfing under the sun but it can also be risky. You must choose your destination and the waves according to your capability. Not everyone can handle all kinds of waves. If there is still time for your holiday to begin you can plan to join a surfing school so that you can get more options. Surfing can be dangerous if you are not well trained. It is always best to take professional guidance.

Surfing Europe is a dream for most young men and women who have interest in water sports. Europe has beaches and waves of different variety, shapes and sizes. If you are skilful you can enjoy every flavour of surfing in Europe. You may read about it or ask your friend to guide you, but nothing comes close to getting professional surfing lessons. Most trainers are great surfers and you enjoy surfing in their company. You will not even know when and how you learned all the surfing in their company. There are basic and advanced levels available and you can choose the course based on your current competency.

Europe has lots of surfing schools and trainers that have created a name for themselves in the surfing world. When you learn under a certified mentor, you will be safe. You can make all the mistakes you want and learn to be a better surfer. You can be assured that you will be taken care of. Not only do they protect you but also teach you how to be safe and protect others as well. Trainers are themselves trained in handling emergency situations and there are useful devices as well as lifeguards available to ensure safety.

You may be new to surfing, but if you think it interests you, you must go for it. You will find a lot of surf trips being organised to Europe as well as Asian countries. All of them have a unique advantage based on their country and temperament of the ocean in their area. You can start the fun by taking some lessons and then go full on.

The Perfect Wave is an Tour & Travel Company and it’s offering Surf Europe in Europe. If you are planing surf trips, Please visit: Surfing Sri Lanka
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Surfing School – Benefits of Learning From a Pro

Why do we send our children to the school instead of teaching them at home? It is quite easy to do so. All you need to do is purchase the required books. However, this option would not work out because you need professional teachers for providing education. Parents can never accomplish this task without help. A similar approach has to be used in case of sports. Professional guidance is very important when you are learning water sports. For instance, we can take the example of water sports. Let us glance at some of the key benefits of getting an expert in this relation.

1. As compared to the other water sports, surfing is more risky and provides less protection to the player. The only available support is a surfing board. You do not have anything else with you to guard yourself against the sea. Hence, you should all the techniques to maintain momentum and stand on the surfing board in a stable position. In my opinion, even entering the sea for surfing purposes is a big risk.

2. A key benefit of hiring professional services is that get a chance to rectify your mistakes. It is obvious that when your performance would be monitored by experts, they would be able to analyze your caliber and determine the weak points as well. You can never accomplish this goal when you are learning surfing on your own. Most professionals monitor the progress of all the surfers on day to day basis. Thus, you will be aware of your day to day performance. On the other hand, other training camps accomplish the same goal on weekly basis. In addition to that, the trainers discuss each and every thing with the surfers. In this way, they are always aware of their standard.

3. Professional surfing trainers help in removing fear as well. You don’t need to be scared of high waves anymore. According to the training plans, surfers are required to increase their surfing depth on day to day basis. This gradual increase builds confidence in a novice surfer.

Protecting yourself is one of the most important tasks when you are participating in water sports. Several people who have not taken the required preventive measures have lost their lives as well. All these things are taught in detail by a professional trainer. He has some specific goals and he uses a certain work strategy for each one of the.

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