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Surf Fishing Rods Make Surf Fishing Easier

If you are a fisherman and love the idea of standing in the surf, smelling the fresh open air, but have not yet cast your own fishing line out into the surf. You might just be missing out on some fun. If you are concerned that most beaches have too many people scaring off the fish, you can always do some research and find out that there are some beaches that have a little more privacy than a lot of the larger more public beach. You will also discover from others that surf fish, that a lot of them prefer to use surf fishing rods.

Once you have gotten done with your research on the best spots and best equipment, you are going to want to get yourself some new fishing tackle and gear. One of the first things you will notice is that surf fishing rods appear to be bigger and somewhat longer.

When browsing for other surf fishing gear it will become obvious that all equipment that pertains to surf fishing seems to be bigger, even the reels are bigger. In fact all of the gear is a lot larger than what you are probably use to using when you go fishing out on a boat.

The average length of surf fishing rods are somewhat longer than the rods you would normally use from a boat. The reason for this is so that you will be able to cast out over the waves and their breaking points.

There are times when you can probably use your regular rod when surf fishing. This would be when the surf is very calm or if you find a beach that is known to have calm waves. You should be able to be successful with regular fishing gear under these conditions.

When you are looking for surf tackle you will notice that they are kind of stout as compared to other tackle. This is because they need to be this way so they can make it easier for you to find holes or pockets where fish might be hiding out.

Surf fishing offers people both the combination of the peace the ocean can bring and the thrill of participating in a sport that you love.

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Stalk Underwater Prey Using Surf Fishing Equipment

Surf fishing requires a combination of skill, the right weather conditions and especially optimum surf fishing equipment. If any part of this equation is not present, you can expect a less than desirable catch. From children to old timers, anybody can enjoy learning how to surf fish. Many places offer surf-fishing lessons that include information about surf fishing equipment and cover fish, water and the skill’s basics.

A very important item to be covered during surf fishing lessons is the type of equipment and how it will function best for the ultimate fishing experience. Interestingly, there are few optimal pieces of surf fishing equipment, as everyone tends to have personal favorites.

In the surf, fishing rods work best if they are between 10 and 15 feet long, because the personal choice of rod length depends on what one is most comfortable with.

A variety of tackle such as weights, leaders, hooks and swivels is good to carry for different types of feeders. Some surf fishermen will use triple drop leaders or spider leaders. Others enjoy using the pyramid leader. The use of tackle is a personal preference and it is based on the type of fish that you are hoping to land.

If you are surf fishing in a particular area, many times it is best to catch your bait from that area. For that reason, it is recommended to carry along a couple of smaller rods or nets among your surf fishing equipment in order to reel in the best bait. This is what the fish in the area are used to and what they generally will respond best to.

Moreover, landing nets are important to have when surf fishing. It is also best to have someone else along to help you bring the fish in with the help of a net. The specific net to use will depend on the type of fish that are in the area. Certainly, if your intended prey is a big fish, you will need to have a heavy-duty net handy.

The surf fishing equipment you employ will depend on the type of water that you are fishing. Surf fishing can be enjoyed in either fresh water or salt water. Many people enjoy surf fishing in lakes, rivers and other small bodies of water.

Surf fishing can also be great fun in the ocean and numerous fishermen surf fish for trophies in salt water. Fishing in the surf is a wonderful pastime for any age group in the family, as there are different sizes of prey to be found there. While wading through the surf, almost everyone will enjoy the sun sparkling on the water while waiting for the creatures moving beneath it.

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Quiksilver launches new surf clothing range

A new range of surf gear by Quiksilver is set to spice up surf clothing for women aged 19 and over.

Quiksilver is based in California on Huntington Beach and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surf clothing and accessories.

The collection, which is due to be released in spring 2011 will boast around 100 key pieces of clothing and accessories for young women.

Once launched, the clothing will be available on a global basis both in shops and on the internet through the brand’s website.

Featuring feminine floral prints and designs including swans and doves, the new collection will have a romantic feel that will appeal directly to its target audience. There will also be a lot more casual and sporty styles including hooded tops and khaki bottoms in soft muted tones so consumers will be able to find something that suits their individual style and personality.

Designed for the surf wear brand by Pencil on Paper Studio, the idea behind the range was to try to bridge the gap between the Roxy and Quiksilver brands that are already available from the label.

As Roxy is designed for a young consumer aged about 17, Quiksilver targets an older market aged 25 and above. As the yet unnamed brand will be focusing on women aged 19 and above, the hope is that the sales will be increased as the brand takes control of a gap in the market.

The price of the range will be similar to the price of Roxy clothing, starting at around £15 for a top, making it affordable and more accessible to a wider audience.
Another high end line is also available from the surf wear brand and is known as Quiksilver Edition. This offers more exclusive clothing and accessories to a different type of consumer.

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Business Opportunities In The Surf Industry

Surfing is an activity that has acquired a unique place for itself in the public conscience-not necessarily one defined by the endless pursuit of financial success. Yet that is not necessarily a fair depiction, and in fact there are more business opportunities to be had in the surf field than most people would imagine.

The reason for that is that surfing has, as a sport, captured people’s imagination and completely fascinated a gigantic portion of the population, being particularly popular with youths though older people enjoy it as well. Basically put, anything that stirs so many people’s emotions has to have some sort of viable business opportunity or another in store.

The most decisive feature of surfing as a sport from the perspective of an entrepreneur is that fact that it is a logistical nightmare to bring one’s gear with them everywhere they want to surf, and therefore isn’t even attempted by many. A surfboard is not a very wieldy object and transporting one can present serious, often insurmountable challenges. And, as any savvy entrepreneur ought to know, a challenge for one is an opportunity for another.

In this regard, a surfboard rental operation is a very legitimate and viable undertaking which can prove to be much more rewarding than may be imagined at first. Of course, certain base conditions need to be met in order for this to be the case: you’ve got to be on or near a good beach with decent surf conditions. Otherwise, you’re basically shooting in the dark.

Another condition you need to fulfill is that you have decent gear for rental. Surfers may not always be able to afford the best rental gear and hence won’t have the option of being very picky, yet don’t let this trick you into underestimating your clientele. Penniless though some surfers may be, there is an amazing level of coordination and sharing of information among the surfing community on an almost global level-so if you have a bad rap, you’ll be sure to miss out on a lot of future potential customers.

A further opportunity to set up a business presented by the surf field essentially entails taking the previous idea and applying it in a broader sense: more than just offering rental equipment to hit the waves, also offering transportation means and possibly lodging as well, expanding to whatever additional services the traveling surfer may require. Clearly the focus here is on traveling surfers, which is an audience that is considerably larger than most people would imagine at the global level.

One of the advantages of this model is that you will target an audience with greater likelihood of having the cash to turn your efforts into something worthwhile. The basic idea is to offer the traveling surfer with a full array of services to meet all their needs while on a trip–in this case, to your particular area or near to it.

The requisites for this sort of an endeavor include but are not limited to: having plenty of basic surf equipment, all in good condition; having the time to take on the needs of visitors from out of town; and being able to operate flexibly and intuitively. With these conditions met, and with your inclusion into a worldwide network of surfing advocates to support you (principally via the internet) you can end up creating a dream business entirely focused on surfing…and that is priceless.

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