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Quiksilver launches new surf clothing range

A new range of surf gear by Quiksilver is set to spice up surf clothing for women aged 19 and over.

Quiksilver is based in California on Huntington Beach and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surf clothing and accessories.

The collection, which is due to be released in spring 2011 will boast around 100 key pieces of clothing and accessories for young women.

Once launched, the clothing will be available on a global basis both in shops and on the internet through the brand’s website.

Featuring feminine floral prints and designs including swans and doves, the new collection will have a romantic feel that will appeal directly to its target audience. There will also be a lot more casual and sporty styles including hooded tops and khaki bottoms in soft muted tones so consumers will be able to find something that suits their individual style and personality.

Designed for the surf wear brand by Pencil on Paper Studio, the idea behind the range was to try to bridge the gap between the Roxy and Quiksilver brands that are already available from the label.

As Roxy is designed for a young consumer aged about 17, Quiksilver targets an older market aged 25 and above. As the yet unnamed brand will be focusing on women aged 19 and above, the hope is that the sales will be increased as the brand takes control of a gap in the market.

The price of the range will be similar to the price of Roxy clothing, starting at around £15 for a top, making it affordable and more accessible to a wider audience.
Another high end line is also available from the surf wear brand and is known as Quiksilver Edition. This offers more exclusive clothing and accessories to a different type of consumer.

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