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A Quiet and Relaxing Beach in Hong Kong – Big Wave Bay

Hong Kong is a state which is popular throughout the world for its rich heritage and vibrant culture. The enchanting blend of Buddhist and Chinese culture in Hong Kong has been the object of fascination for many of the tourists who visit this oriental destination. The state is also steadily gaining popularity for its natural beauty, especially its pristine beaches.

The city-state is gaining a reputation for having beautiful and relaxing beaches, and although they may not compare to the beaches of nations such as the Maldives or Sri Lanka, the beaches of Hong Kong are nevertheless an attraction worth witnessing. One of the more quiet and relaxing beaches here is the Big Wave Bay, a white sandy pristine beach which is an excellent place for the whole family.

Quite contrary to its name, the Big Wave Bay beach is a calm and soothing place which is in pristine condition and stretches on for roughly 2000 meters. Overlooking a scenic mountain range with lush rolling hills, this beach is popular amongst tourists who come to absorb the sun, and owing to the clean and clear waters, engage in water activities such as surfing. The untarnished white beaches are excellent for having some fun with your friends and family under the bright oriental sun. The beach also has several cafes, changing rooms, lifeguard services and even a BBG area which further enhances the potential fun that can be had at this beach. The mountain range overlooking Big Wave Way is also popular amongst hikers as it has many hiking trails such as the Dragon’s Back hiking trail, and also contains a prehistoric rock carving which has been named a Declared Monument of Hong Kong. Therefore, for a fun filled experience in one of the locality’s most serene and pristine beaches, head on down to the Big Wave Bay.

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